Being a Wife and Mom (or Dad) is Exhausting!

I know I'm preaching to the choir.  But, every now and then I like to feel like I'm not alone on an island.  (haha-you're never supposed to use cliches when you write)  Oh well.  I'll  blame it on the lack of sleep. 
My story begins on Friday.  My hubby went away for the weekend and had a very good time. Thank goodness.  And the kids had a four day weekend.  I was excited about being able to spend time with the kids.  They're not going to be this age forever and I wanted to be able to enjoy the time.  Sometimes I feel very stressed out because I feel like I have a hard time getting my priorities straight.  But, I got a lot of jobs last week from companies like triangle direct marketing, which is a very good thing!  It's what I've been working so hard for, for two years now.  Yay!  I'm getting jobs.  But, they just so happened to fall in a time frame when I needed to spend the time with my kids.  Here goes that whole "balance" thing again. 

The kids and I did end up having a great weekend.  We went to Build-a-Bear for the first time.
I'll be posting pictures of our mall adventures soon!  Saturday, we chilled out until it was time for church.  Then, we went to church and had a movie night with lots of junk food.  We watched Ice Age Continental Drift.  I love all of the Ice Age movies.  But, I really loved this one.  We watched it again the next morning before we had to return it to Redbox.  Sunday was another chill out day.  Yesterday, we went to the gym and then to McDonalds with friends.  Between the cold weather and the holiday, McDonalds was a madhouse!  We stayed there 3 1/2 hours.  I think my kids got their exercise yesterday.  The playland in our McDonalds has a 3-story slide.  And, they climbed to the top so many times that by all rights they should have been exhausted.

When we got back from McDonalds, Logan was looking very tired.  Sick even.  I asked him if he felt okay.  I felt his forehead and he didn't feel hot.  I figured the kids needed to rest, so they watched a little TV while I cleaned up the kitchen.  By that time, my hubby was getting home from work.  And my hubby said, "I suppose you didn't get my message earlier."  So, I looked at my phone and there was a call from him at 10:45--when I was working out and couldn't hear my phone.  And I never check my phone.  My hubby gets so angry that he can't get in touch with me on my cell phone.  I always tell him that my cell phone is for emergencies only--MY emergencies.

He was calling me to tell me that he would have to go to Buffalo that night to look at a job.  It was going to work out just fine.  He could go look at the job and the kids would be going to bed early because it was a school night.  I could finally work on some of those jobs!  But, the weather was crazy last night in Northeast Ohio.  When I looked at the weather map where my hubby and his work buddy were driving, there were big blue heavy snow clouds directly above Interstate 90, which is what they would be taking the whole way. 

Two hours after they left, they were back.  They made it a little east and decided to turn around and come back.  The snow was too bad to make it the whole way.  My hubby told me that he was so nervous that he pulled his hard hat down over his eyes and didn't look.  Obviously, he was the passenger!   Keep in mind that my hubby jumps off of cliffs and bridges for fun, so his "nervousness threshold" is pretty high.  They called work and work told them that a box truck that had left at 3:30 still had not made it Buffalo.  This was at 8:30.  The box truck still had not made it five hours later.  And it's normally a three hour drive.  So, that finalized their decision to turn around and come back.

When my hubby got back I was still working.  I worked until about 10:30 and then we started watching TV.  We watched Intervention.  Those reality TV shows seem to suck us in so quickly.  We stayed up until midnight.  By the time I had brushed my teeth, taken my contacts out and taken my makeup off, it was 12:30.  My hubby was already in bed asleep, snoring.  It is so hard for me to fall asleep once he's snoring.  So, I laid in bed unable to fall asleep past one o'clock. 

Then, at 3:20 I heard a screech and "mommy!"  I ran into Jaycee's room and said, "Jaycee, what is it?"  I figured she might be having a nightmare about pinworms, because we had an entire pinworm conversation before bed because someone at her school was infected and the school sent a letter home.  Then, I heard the cry again.  "Mommy!"  Oh!  I was in the wrong room.  It was Logan!  I ran into his room to see what was wrong and he was throwing up.  For those of you keeping count, that would be the second time in 9 days. 

I threw a towel on the mess and took his comforters off the bed so that I could set him up in the living room.  He moved out into the living room with all of the normal throw-up amenities--bucket, towels, water.

I laid down again and I heard him throw up again.  So, I went out to check on him.  I went back to bed.  I heard him throw up again. So, I went out to check on him.  I went back to bed.  I heard him throw up.  I went out to check on him.  I went back to bed.  I heard him throw up.  I stayed in bed!  By that time it was 4:00 and I knew my hubby's alarm clock would be going off in 40 minutes. 

My hubby's alarm clock went off and I turned it off.  I never really fell back asleep then because I was worried he wasn't going to get up.  So at 5:30, I said, "Honey, you need to get up."  He got up.  I knew my alarm clock was going to go off in one hour.  Fun!  I just prayed that one hour would seem like three.  My alarm clock went off and I hit the snooze button.  And I hit the snooze button.  And I hit the snooze button again.  Then, I had to get Jaycee up to get ready for school.

So, the day that I was supposed to have all to myself to do my jobs is now going to be spent washing sheets, comforters and towels, trying to figure out how to dispose of throw-up, and deep cleaning the bathroom.  And while I'm going to be trying to finish my jobs, Logan is going to talk to me the whole time and distract me. 

But, I wouldn't trade being a wife and mom for anything.  All of the other moments make it all worth while.  And hopefully I'll get more sleep tonight.  And for now, I'll just drink a lot of coffee and pray that it doesn't give me heartburn!   And I'll go lecture Logan again on the importance of washing his hands.
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