Dry Skin Advice from our Friends on Facebook

In the winter, my skin becomes dreadfully dry!  So, I asked HBHL's facebook friends if they had any advice.  Here's what they had to say! Want to join the conversation?

Our fans had a lot of suggestions and testimonials.  I can't wait to try out some of their suggestions! Check out the list below.
*Two fans  said they like Mary Kay's Satin Hands
*We had one suggestion for Body Shop's Hemp Body Butter--I've used it before and it's a miracle worker, but the smell is hard to get used to.
*One person said Avon's Cracked Heel Cream is really good.  Renita said that she worked in fast food for 9 years and her hands used to always crack and bleed.  Once she started using the Cracked Heel cream she had no more cracking, stinging or bleeding.
*There were also several suggestions to wear gloves at night after applying cream.
*Lisa from The Happy Clown with a Frown blog suggests soaking hands in warm to hot water with Skin So Soft Oil, baby oil or cuticle oil and then slathering hands with a moisturizing lotion.
*Ani said that she uses Dawn with Olay when she does dishes and it helps.  She also suggests baby oil for arms and legs.  And she uses Vaseline at night with socks for her feet.
*Kendra, Bobbie-Jeanne, Dana, Paula and  Lori all said "Coconut Oil!"
*Melanie and Alison both suggested Cornhusker's Lotion.  Melanie had this to say about Cornhusker's Lotion: " I haven't tried the high priced stuff (for that very reason!). It feels horrible (kind of sticky) for a couple of minutes, but then it soaks in and feels GREAT. I worked outside for a few years (hate it!) and my hands were red and hurt - one day of the Cornhusker's healed them. Now I use it all the time."     Lori told us that we can find it at CVS, Walgreens or Drugstore.com.
*Vicki said, "L'Occitane en provence hand cream...yes it is very expensive...very expensive but you only need to use a pea size or less and it stays on a long time...I bought some for my daughter, who is a health care worker and she loves it"
*Paula suggested these blogs for a lot of great info for dry skin.
*Heather suggests using aquaphor.  She says, " I have had the same jar for well over a year and it's still nearly full! You only need a small amount after showering and working with chemicals. I also use it on my feet:)  It's my cure all:) I pay special attention to my cuticles by massaging it in."
*Jennifer from another jennifer blog suggests Burt's Bees Hand Salve.  She has this to say about it--" Burt's Bees Hand Salve. It's the only thing that works for us in Maine during the winter."
I think Coconut Oil was the overall winner, but I think I'd like to find the Cornhusker's Lotion as well to try it out.
Do you have any suggestions to help alleviate dry skin?

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