Every Child Deserves a Childhood | End Child Trafficking with UNICEF

Most people would help every child in the world, if they could.  No matter what faith, creed, color or status, most people have a soft spot in their heart for children.   But, there are people in the world who exploit children for their own profit.  UNICEF estimates that child trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry, annually, with over 5.5 million children affected.  Thousands of those children live in the United States. 
UNICEF would like to raise awareness and get that number to ZERO. 
Things to do to help End Child Trafficking:
*Check out this video, which features Angie Harmon, UNICEF's new End Child Trafficking Ambassador:
(video has been removed)

*Download the End Trafficking ToolKit, which has 22 suggestions for how you can help  raise awareness and end child trafficking.  One of the tips is to switch to Fair Trade Brands, which are produced without slave or child labor.

 *Post the Human Trafficking Hotline number: 1-888-373-7888.  Callers can report potential cases, get help or request training and information.

*Go to UNICEF's End Trafficking Page to find out more information.

*Follow @EndTraffick on Twitter

I wrote this post as a member of the Global Team of 200. 

Doesn't every child deserve to have a childhood?

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