Finishing Up Final Touches In the Master Bathroom

Our Master Bathroom has been functional for almost two weeks now.  It would have been functional longer if the hot water heater would have worked from the beginning.  Once that was finally fixed, we were able to use the shower and tub.  I still haven't used the jacuzzi tub, but my kids have.
One of the things that still needs to be finished is the front of the jacuzzi tub where the access panels are going to be.
At this point, I think anything would be better than looking at the under side of the tub!  But, I think I'm leaning toward drywall painted the same color as the walls. 

My hubby still needs to get a couple pieces of baseboard down.  And eventually we're going to have to get the door for the shower.  We've been taking showers without a door.  But, it's been fine.  It would probably only be an issue if we used both showerheads.  The showerhead that we don't usually use is the one closest to the door.

I did a little decorating last week.  I bought three rugs so that I don't freeze my feet.  We are really regretting not having a heated floor.  Luckily, on the kitchen floor we're using DuraCeramic, which should be warmer under foot. 

Here are some of the decorative accents I bought last week.
I'm hoping to find some dark brown leather-look or rattan trunks to put under the pictures for more storage.

Here is the plate rack that I bought to be a towel rack.
And here is one of the wall art pieces I bought.  I love the colors.  I think I'm going to put a vanity or another storage trunk underneath this.  This wall seems to need something more.  Maybe we could put our drink station on this wall! 

It's almost done!!  Do you think we should put the painted drywall panels or should I convince him to try to do tile?  I think drywall would be fine for now.

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