Frustrating week! But, it will be okay.

I have "Heartfelt Balance" in the title of my blog because it's something that I'm striving for, not because it's something that I have already found.  As a parent, wife and blogger, things can get pretty crazy sometimes.  I don't know how parents of more than two kids do it sometimes.  So sometimes, I need to talk about it so that I know I'm not the only who is going through it.
The past couple weeks in Northeast Ohio have been extremely cold. . . . it is Winter after all.  But, when it's been so many days in a row of below freezing weather, people can get stir crazy and cranky and not even realize it.  Every winter when it starts to get bad, my hubby starts to wonder why we live here.  Luckily, he hasn't had to snowblow the driveway too many times yet this year.  But, we always wonder why we don't live somewhere warmer.

You guys have probably heard me talk before about how the Carolinas are about half-way between here and Florida.  Sometimes I think my hubby would be happier if we were there and if I was working.  Let's just say that the cold isn't the only issue we have.  Although we made the decision for me to stay home, he sometimes gets stressed out about the fact that I'm not also making money.  And I sometimes wish that I would have chosen a more useful college degree like accounting.  It was on the table at one point, but I chose fashion instead.   As always, hindsight is twenty-twenty. 

Plus, this week we got a notice in the mail that we didn't file our city taxes correctly last year, so we owe quite a bit of money that we weren't expecting to owe.  And we got some test scores back for Logan that have us concerned.  It looks like we're definitely going to have to get some kind of outside tutoring help for Logan.  Between the test scores and his report card, that fact has been finalized now.  We called Sylvan to find out some information and it will be between $45 and $55 an hour.  Of course there are other options, but I like that they have been around so long and tailor everything to the child.

We always manage to get past these issues.  But, for those few moments that we're going through them, they are frustrating.  I always have faith that everything will work out.  But, my hubby has a harder time knowing that the future will be okay.  His main concern right now is retirement.  He was hoping to retire early, but they keep shrinking what he'll be getting in his pension.  He feels like he did the right thing by joining the union so young in his life, but now everything that he worked for might not be there.  So, I can understand his frustration.  But, staying home for the kids is my priority.

We'll make it through this winter and every winter together after this one and everything will be okay.  I KNOW it will be.  I have my faith.  It will all be OKAY!


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