Help Make Water Safe for all of the World's Children

I was in my van the other day and looked down and there were at least 5 or 6 half-drunk bottles (re-usable, of course) of water.  I take them with me to the gym and almost never finish drinking them.  I, like many Americans, take water for granted.  It is readily available here and for the most part, safe. We have fancy water pitchers that make the water even more palatable.  We have specialty waters in fancy bottles. 
We very rarely think about how many people in the world are lacking this most basic of resources.  According to the WaterAid Website, 783 million people in the world do not have access to safe water.  That translates to about 11% of the world's population.  Around 700,000 children die every year from diarrhea caused by unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation.
WaterAid has been helping to bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene to third world countries since 1981.  Since that time, WaterAid has been able to reach 17.5 million people with safe water. 
WaterAid America: Click here to help provide safe water and sanitation for all
You can help by making a $25 donation.  
What else can you do?
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Play games with your kids online that will teach them more about world water and sanitation issues.
Watch the online comic strip
Adventures of Super Toilet
 Interesting Water Statistics from the WaterAid website.
The average North American uses 400 liters of water a day.
The average person in a developing country uses 10 liters of water a day for drinking, washing and cooking.
At any one time, half of the developing world's hospital beds are being used by people suffering from diarrhea.
Find all of the statistics at the WaterAid America Website's Statistic page.
I wrote this post as part of the Global Team of 200.  We are a group of moms writing about social issues with a focus on women and children.  No compensation was received.

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