Household Organization Tasks I'd Like to Accomplish in 2013

I'm a little late putting my list together of things that I'd like to get organized this year.  But, I still have a little more than eleven months to accomplish it.  There are several things that definitely need to be done because of rearranging for the remodel of our house. 
The first task that must get done is the office space. 
 It is a holding space right now for stuff that was originally here and some stuff that was in my previous bedroom on shelves.  A lot of the books are actually cookbooks and will be moved into the pantry in the kitchen, once it's finished.  Some of the stuff is my husband's and I have no idea what he's going to do with it.  And most of the rest of it will end up in my craft room.  I made a huge effort a couple nights ago in this room when I filed a lot of paperwork. 
The second organizational task I'd like to tackle is the craft room.

Yes, that's still Christmas stuff against the back wall.  I need to see if my hubby can get it into the attic soon.
We still have to get some more shelving and cabinets and a desk in there so that it can really be organized.  But, that will be done once the whole house is finished.  We're racing against the clock to get it done while interest rates are still fairly low, and adding storage to the craft room is not a priority.
The third organizational task that I need to confront is the front hall closet. 
 I've been just grabbing what I need out of it and ignoring it.  I'm sure there are all kinds of shoes in there that don't fit anyone in my house anymore.  And there are probably also hats and gloves that are too small for my kids.  Plus, the summer stuff that has been stuffed into a garbage bag and forced into whatever space it can find, needs to be gone through and sorted.  My hubby and I would love to re-construct the whole front area, but we just haven't come up with a way to do it.  It gets so cluttered up there since the kids are always coming in and out there.
The fourth organizational task would be the garage. 
This is really my hubby's domain, although there is some of my stuff out there.   Since our house was so small before the addition, we had to keep a lot of different things out in the garage that wouldn't fit anywhere else.   I would like to have one of those more useful and attractive garage organization systems.  Hopefully something like that would help protect my stuff more. Unfortunately, over the summer some of my personal things got broken while they were being stored in the garage.  My hubby had put them up on the top shelf thinking they would be safer there.  But, the plumber accidentally fell one time when he was on the ladder getting into the attic and hit the bins.  They crashed to floor and a lot of my cherished items got broken.  
Luckily, the plumber was alright.  He was my main concern, but it was sad to see my things broken.
By the time we get these projects done, everything should have a place in our home.  What's that saying, "A place for everything and everything in it's place."  Is that how it goes?  I look forward to the day when all of my things have their own place.  For now, I'll just deal with my slight case of garage, craft room and mudroom envy.   If my house ever gets to the point of complete organization, I will definitely share the much prettier pictures!
What's on your list of organizational tasks this year?

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