If You Give a Mom a Crayon Tower

If you give a Mom a Crayon Tower, she'll want to draw a picture.  Since she can't draw Tinkerbell, she'll start drawing lines.  When she sees her daughter with a marker, she'll steal the marker and make her lines darker.  She'll decide she needs more lines and keep drawing.  Once she finishes making lines, she'll need to color in the spaces.  She'll try to use all 124 colors of crayons.  While she's coloring, the kids will get up and walk away.  The mommy will keep coloring.  The kids will need snacks.  The kids will have to get the snacks themselves.  Eventually, the mommy will finish coloring.

 And her daughter will hijack the picture, claim the picture as her own and make a video.

The mom will post the video.

 When the mom posts the video, her son will also want to make a video. 

Do you use your kids' crayons?  Or do you have your very own pack like me?

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