Jaycee's 10 before Ten List

I've asked my kids before if they'd like to make a 10 before 10 list the way mommy has a "50 before Fifty" list.  I asked Jaycee yesterday and these were her answers. 
1. Have a best friend party and have all of my friends over.
2. Ride a horse.  (We have a farm down the road that has "Riding Lessons" on a sign out front.  I keep meaning to write down the number and call to find out information.  Maybe I'll switch one of the things on my list to learn how to ride with her.  I can just see us in our riding pants,
half chaps, boots and little riding jackets.)

3. Buy lots and lots and lots of gas and travel all over the world. (Don't think we can make that one happen in four years.  But, we'll do what we can.)

4. Have a date with momma. (We can most definitely make that happen within four years, hopefully several times!)

5. Eat a hundred hotdogs in one hour.  (I'm beginning to think she's not taking this seriously.)

6. Take a dance class. (I was just thinking the other day that it would be fun to do a mommy/daughter dance class.  I DO have take a dance class on my list as well.)

7. Paint a picture just like that one (pointing to the one below while wrestling with her brother.)

8. Go to Build-a-Bear again.

9. Meet Tinkerbell. (I'm hoping to make it to Disney World this summer while in we're in Florida.)

10. Buy the most prettiest boots I could ever imagine. (The girl likes her boots!)

Maybe  I was expecting too much from a six year old.  Too funny.  I'll have to get Logan's soon, too.  But, we might have to make his a "13 before Thirteen" or something.  He'll be 10 way too soon for my comfort.

Have your kids made a list of things they'd like to do?

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