Kids' Valentine Countdown Calendar Garland (Fun and Educational)

This isn't a fancy-schmancy, cutie-patootie garland.  But, it's a good way to count down the days until Valentine's Day.  Plus, it was a good learning exercise for The Future Fashionista.  

Putting the garland together can help with small motor skills (hole punching, threading),  number recognition and number ordering.

We needed a way to count down because Future Fashionista doesn't understand that it's still so many days until Valentine's Day.  Since we started decorating for Valentine's Day right after we took down our Christmas stuff, she thought it was already Valentine's Day.  I had to keep telling her, "No, it's a month and a week away."  

So, I figured this was a good way for her to be able to tell how far away the holiday is. Plus, we had fun working together to make it.  

We used some kids' valentines that we got very cheaply at one of our discount stores.  
We folded them in half and wrote the dates on them.  We went backwards from the 14th, so that we had actual dates on the Valentines.  We're not actually counting down the days.  We're basically using it as a calendar.  Today is the 9th.  So we'll take off the 9th, etc. until we get all the way to the 14th.

We punched holes in the top and then threaded them onto a Valentine ribbon and hung it on the wall.

Are your kids excited for Valentine's Day?

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