Mom and Nurse on a Mission for Nutrition

Hi y'all!  Lisa is a real-life friend of mine.  She is beginning a new venture and  I wanted to share her and her venture with you guys!

 HI! My name is Lisa Krenz and I am a Mom and a Nurse on a Mission for Nutrition! I have been a Registered Nurse for 12+ years and I worked in the sick care system for 5 of those. Now, I am so blessed to be a part of the wellness industry! I get to help educate others get, be and stay healthy. It is such  a blessing to do for a ‘job’ what I am so passionate about!

I truly believe we are what we eat! Did you know 70% of disease is PREVENTABLE? We need to eat as mother nature intended us to eat~ fresh fruits and vegetables!
My family and I struggle everyday with what we eat, so we take fruit and vegetables in capsule and chewable form. Contact me for more information on that.

I have recently become a certified Ready, Set, Go wellness coach and do a 10 week program with individuals who have tried every diet out there. I help you make your life healthier one step at a time!

I have recently added to my menu of ways I can help you be healthier! I offer a 30 day dinner menu plan, recipes included, all tried and eaten by me and my family.

Let me know how I can help you!
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Watch for a family-friendly healthy recipe to come your way!

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