Not so Wordless Wednesday | Mommy-Logan Date

Last weekend, one of our friends took Jaycee to Disney on Ice for her birthday.  Jaycee and her BFF had a great time. 
My hubby had an OSHA class he had to take, so Logan and I had the day all to ourselves!  He loves when we're able to have one on one time.  We did our "usual".  We went to the Painted Penguin in the mall, got a big pretzel and played glow in the dark putt-putt.  It wasn't exactly a cheap date.  But, I did save some money with coupons that were in one of those school fundraiser books that I bought at the beginning of the year.  So, that was nice!  
My "E".  I've been slowly spelling out our last name.  Only two letters to go!~

We also always get our photos done in the silly photo booth.  This was the first time we did this kind.  It's actually a sticker sheet and then you can make little "cards" out of them.
And we bought calendars at 75% off.  Yeah, baby!  It pays to wait until the middle of January!
The first one Logan picked up and wanted was a Van Gogh calendar.  I was so happy!  He chose that one over Spider Man or HALO!  I got two calendars for myself and we chose a cat calendar for Jaycee.  This is the one I chose for my blogging.  Isn't it cute?  I love it's whimsy!

And I have always, always loved this rule at Burger King. . . . because I think it's funny.  I think they know parents all too well!  Let's just say some of us don't always have the best day and we're unable to not let it show.  Usually when I'm at Burger King, I'm okay, though.  So, I think I'm able to follow the rule.  Um, Rule #1, just in case you can't figure out what I'm talking about!
We had fun!  He is really looking forward to another mommy-Logan overnight date, though.  He has asked me at least 3 times in the past two days.  I told him it would be another couple months before we do that again! 

What do you like to do on your one on one dates with your kids?

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