Our Crayon Color Chart | Matching names, counting to 100

The other day when we were sitting at the table with our Crayon Tower, I started writing the names of the colors with the colors themselves.  Then that progressed into creating a whole color chart with all of the different colors that we could find.  We ended up running out of room on some of the pages.  We kept finding more colors.  Jaycee's poor Crayon Tower has been dumped out so many times that I'm sure we're missing several colors.  We ended up finding 124 different colors to  catalog.   When we were done, we stapled all of the pages together and made a book.  Jaycee is learning how to count to 100 in Kindergarten this year.  So, once we had all of the colors catalogued, we counted them.  It was good practice! 
Now, she can look at her color chart to see which color she'd like to use and then she can try to match the color word that is written to the color name on the crayon.  So, the chart is educational in many ways! 
Apparently our tower started with 150 crayons.  We didn't put our white crayons in the book.  So, even without the white crayons, we're still missing 24 colors!  Hmmm....wonder which ones we're missing?

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