Our Life in Throw-Up. Yes, that's what I said.

The other night when Logan woke up at 3:30 in the morning throwing up. . . again, I began playing over in my mind all of the times we've been through stomach viruses with him.  I don't know why, but he seems to be extremely susceptible to them. I don't know if it's because he stinks at washing his hands or what!  But, he started getting them when he was two and hasn't stopped since.
Am I going to tell stories about puking?  Yes, I am, because some of them are actually kind of funny.  The first time Logan ever got sick we were on our way to a birthday party for two of our friends.  I was pregnant with Jaycee at the time.  I was wearing overalls.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  We were just about to get into the car to drive away.  I was putting Logan into his carseat, so  I was leaned over.  We only had our little Honda Civic then, not our van.  So while I was leaned over, he threw up.  It went all down inside the bib of my overalls.  Fun!  And that was our first experience with stomach viruses.  That was the time that we learned never to give a child milk if he has a stomach virus.  We thought that he was over it and gave him milk.  And he threw up.  We called the doctor's office and they told us never to eat dairy after a stomach virus.  Lesson learned.  Maybe.

One of the next times he had a stomach virus was on Easter weekend the year after Jaycee was born.  We had long since stopped having plans on Easter.  So, we went to Applebee's for lunch or dinner, I can't remember which.  Logan had had a stomach bug the day or two before, but we thought it was over.  So, we didn't think anything about giving him milk.  And there in the middle of Applebee's he started getting sick.  My hubby went to pick him up and Logan threw up all inside daddy's shirt, pants and jacket.  I truthfully can't remember if we ended up eating there or not!  But, Logan still tells the story of how he threw up on daddy in Applebee's.
One other time, right before my six year anniversary, Logan got sick again.  That time, I actually caught it too.  The problem was that my parents, sister and my sister's kids were driving up from Florida to visit us.  They were all going to watch my kids while my hubby and I went away for the weekend for our anniversary.  Logan and I were fine by the time they came.  But, apparently the germs were still around.  While my hubby and I were gone, my sister and my Dad caught whatever we had.  My poor stepmom had to deal with all four kids and two sick adults while we were gone. 
Logan has had a stomach virus two times in the past two weeks now.  But, one of the other and most memorable recent times that he got sick was on our drive back from Florida last year.  One of the things that you don't want to have to deal with on a seventeen hour car ride is a sick kid.  Bless his heart.  The poor little guy got sick and we ended up having to pull over and clean him up and clean out the van.  Then, we had to start driving again.

 Then, in North Carolina, we had to pull over again.  We were pulled over on the side of a ramp.  A police officer actually stopped to check to see if everything was okay. We told him what was happening and he went on his way.   We had a lot of cleaning to do when we finally made it back to Ohio.  It is not fun taking those booster seats apart to wash the covering. 

Luckily, most of the time he has been sick, he has been at home.  We only have few of the stories like the ones above when we've had messes to clean up in public places.  But, it sure seems like he gets a lot of stomach viruses.  For every story I've told, there is probably another time that I'm not remembering!

Are your kids prone to stomach bugs?  Jaycee doesn't seem to catch them as often as Logan.  She has only had a stomach virus one time that I can remember.  And it was bad.  But, she was such a trooper and she hasn't had one since.
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