Rock wall gym in my future?

My hubby went to a rock climbing gym tonight.  He asked me all serious-like last week if he could start going one night a week to the gym.  He thought I might be kind of un-kind and moody about it.  But, as long as it's (normally) a weeknight, I don't mind.  I just don't want him gone entire weekend days every week.  That would stink.  A lot of his jumping buddies go to the rock-climbing gym in the winter time since they can't skydive.  So, it's a fun, physical thing for him.  But, it's a social thing as well.
He took Jaycee rock-climbing last week.  He asked her a while ago if she wanted to do it and she said "yes."  So, she was very excited last week when they were finally able to go. 
Unfortunately, he forgot his phone at home, so he didn't get any pictures.  Apparently, she went about ten feet up and decided that was high enough for her.  And she went several times, always to that height.  But, kudos to her, because it's probably about five feet higher than I would make it!  He said she was very good following directions and got the lingo down, exactly. 
My hubby asked if I wanted to go sometime.  I think he would just like to see me in a sporty 
patagonia fleece jacket and tight pants.  I'm pretty sure though, that I'm going to try the rock-climbing thing.  Although, I'm not sure I'd like to try it with him!  He and I don't do very well together if he has to give me any kind of directions.  Neither one of us is very patient when it comes to that stuff. 

But, I'm thinking that climbing that rock wall could be my #38 (Do something I wouldn't normally do because of my fear of heights) on my fifty before 50 list.  Plus, it would be really cool to have something that all of us could do together.  Because, at this point, my hubby and I have no hobbies in common that we can do together. 
Then, we'd just have to get my little cautious, male clone-- Logan, to go!

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