Socializing in Kindergarten is So Funny to Me

I don't remember any of the "social" aspects of being in kindergarten.  I really don't remember getting people's phone numbers and calling them at home.  Kindergarten seems kind of young for phone calls, doesn't it?  But, Jaycee has been coming home with a new phone number or two every day.  Last night she tried to call one of her friends.  Daddy dialed the number for her and then she freaked out and handed the phone to daddy when the mom answered.  So, my hubby had to tell the mom that he had a little girl in kindergarten that was trying to get in touch with her daughter.  Luckily, the mom was really cool about it.  The little girl wasn't home, but she called Jaycee back later, after dinner. 
It was funny listening to one side of the conversation.  I think they were talking about favorite colors.  And then we heard Jaycee ask her what her dog was doing.
And then she asked what her cat was doing.  Then Jaycee walked out into the living room and said, "Oh, he's just lying on the floor." Apparently, the little girl had asked Jaycee what her brother was doing.  Then they were talking about clothes.  It was really funny to listen to. 
She came home with two new phone numbers today.  But, she doesn't write names with the numbers.  Somehow, she remembers who the numbers belong to, though.  For now, at least.   But, I figure she won't in a couple days.  So, she tried to write the names that went with the numbers.
I didn't think any of this would be starting this soon.  I don't remember talking on the phone until I was in middle school. 
My hubby has also made letters to "Mom and Dad" for my kids to take in to their friends.  The letters are made out to "Mom and Dad"--they are just generic so that the kids can give them to which ever friend they wish to invite over.  It basically gives our name and phone number and our kid's name so that the parents can get in contact with us to set up a playdate.

Either our kids haven't given any letters out yet, or they're losing the letters or the kids that they are giving them to aren't giving the letters to their parents, because we haven't had any calls yet. 

How old are your kids and do they talk on the phone to their friends yet?
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