Three Week Countdown to our New Kitchen!

We're getting extremely close to having the kitchen done!  My hubby is almost done clear coating the cabinet doors.  Once they are done, he can hang them.  We got the DuraCeramic shipment last Friday.  So, as soon as he gets the doors up, he'll start laying down the floor.  And the laminate for the counters should be here this week so that he can start that. 
So, it looks like the kitchen will probably be done in about three weeks.  I'm so excited!  He can then move on to remodeling the old side of the house and we can be done with ALL of the remodeling.  I'll be very happy when all of the tools can be moved from the new kitchen and sunroom back into my hubby's tool cabinets.   And then my hubby can spend his weekends doing something fun instead of building, painting, tiling and doing all of this work.  All of the work will be so worth it when it's done, though. 
But, before my hubby can move on to remodeling the inside of the house, I have to move all of my stuff out of the old office into my new craft room.  Right now, our old office is a "staging area", holding a mish-mash of all of our stuff that we haven't moved into any of our new rooms yet.  I started last night by going through the piles of paperwork and filing it.  That's such a tedious job! 
Then, I just have some miscellaneous craft bins and a ton of books to move.  I assume once we get that room and the old kitchen cleaned out, he'll start tearing down walls.  I want one good crack at these old kitchen walls!  I know he won't let me take a sledge-hammer to it the way they do on all of those home shows on HGTV.  But, I could hope, right?!?
Have you ever been through a remodel or addition? 

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