Tub Monsters, Strep Throat, Favorite Tourist Spots | Join the Conversation on Facebook!

We've been having a lot of conversations on Facebook!  I would love to get your two cents as well.

Where you would tell people to visit if they visit your state.
Do you have suggestions about where to visit in your state/province/country?

Also, did you know that there are quite a few people who are afraid of tub monsters
I had no idea!  That's why every time I go into my bathroom the shower curtain is open. . . . even though I know I closed it! 
Chime in about Tub Monsters

We also talked about Strep throat a while ago.  Some people suggested getting tonsils out.
What do you think. . . .

We also were talking about what we were planning to eat for New Year's Day.  What did you end up eating?  Is it something you eat every year?  And what do the foods represent?  Wealth, health, prosperity? 

Do you have your Tree down yet?

And finally,
What makes you feel better when you're sick? 

Thanks for chiming in!  Do you have any suggestions for future conversations on Facebook?

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