Valentine Heart Lights re-using Christmas Icicle lights

We took down our Christmas stuff on January 6th.  I thought I had everything packed away.  Then I looked at my window and realized my icicle lights were still hanging.  

So, we changed them into Valentine lights.  
After the Christmas decorations were gone, our house looked so bare!  So, we decided to start decorating for Valentine's Day.  I had a bin of stuff that we worked on last year.  So, Jaycee and I dragged out our bin and started playing.  I had bought some red and pink cellophane gift bags that I was planning on using last year for some kind of Valentine craft, but ran out of time last year.

For these lights, I cut hearts out of the cellphane bags, punched a hole in the heart and put them over each light on the icicle strand.  

How do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

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