Warrior Dash? Me?!?! YES!

I have decided that my 5K that I'm going to do for my 50 before Fifty list will be the Warrior Dash.  It's not technically a 5K,  but it's much harder.  I have several friends all over the country who have done it in the past.  A couple weeks ago one of my friends asked another friend and me if we wanted to do it.  
Now, here's the thing.  I figured we could just do it for fun.  We were even commenting that we don't care about time.  But, then my hubby told me that you don't want to be one of the last 50 people in your heat because you get dunked in mud.  I told him I thought everyone had to go through the mud at the end.  And he told me that everyone does, but that the last 50 have to lie down and have mud poured all over them. 
Okay, first of all, I hate getting dirty.  So, this Warrior Dash is already going to be a challenge for me!  And apparently I'm going to have to jump over fire.  Michelle be nimble?  Maybe.  We'll see.  I don't think catching myself on fire is going to be very much fun.  And the walls?  That's actually the part I'm the most worried about.  I have never had much upper body strength.  When we used to have to do the arm hang tests in elementary school, I could never even last one second.  That's pretty wimpy!  Plus, I'm afraid of heights.  So, this Warrior Dash thing could actually count as two of my 50 before Fifty things.  Because by the time I get to the top of that wall I will be at least 5 feet above my comfort threshold. 
But, I'm excited about it nonetheless.  However, I think that my friends and I really should start training.   I should probably go to the Warrior Dash website and see which times to beat.  He-he.  My competitive side is coming out.

I've already started training a little bit.  The Warrior Dash that we are going to participate in is June 1st.  So, I have four months to train.  Usually when I'm in the gym, I only do ten minutes on the treadmill to warm up.  But now I'm doing at least 20 minutes each time.  Plus, I'm upping my mile per hour rate.  And I'm trying to do more upper body work so that I can climb that wall.  I've never been consistent on the lat machines.  I need to make sure that I do that one religiously now!
Also, I normally work out on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with an emphasis on the weight machines.  On Wednesdays now I'll be on the treadmill for endurance.  I made it up to 2.1 miles yesterday in 35 minutes.  I need to make sure I can get to 3.2 miles on a regular basis and then work on decreasing my time.

Have you ever done the Warrior Dash or other run like it?  Any tips on training?

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