A Stroll Down Memory Lane - Double Stroller Style

I'm giving you fair warning.  I'm going to be reminiscing a lot this week!  Both of my kids are getting so big.  The time flies by so quickly. Too quickly.  Sometimes I wish I could make it stop.  But, that wouldn't do me any good.  Forward progress is good.
I miss the days when I was able to hang out with my kids and go everywhere--you know, before they were big enough for school.  We always packed everything in the van and made sure we had the double stroller and the diaper bag.  We went to the zoo, the mall, outlet malls, parks.  And I survived with both kids. 
Before Jaycee was born, I marvelled at the moms who had two kids.  I always wondered how they did it.  Some of them made it look so effortless.  I just knew that there was no way I would be as good at juggling two kids as they were.  And then there were the moms who had three kids!  And there were moms who had more than that. 
The funny thing is that I never thought I was going to be a good enough mom even when I had one kid.
I didn't have a clue what to do with a baby before Logan was born.  I remember thinking when I was pregnant with him that I was just about as good a mother as I was ever going to be----while he was still in my tummy!  While he was still in my tummy, I could feed him the exact foods that he needed, I could protect him better.  He had everything that he needed in his little comfy home. 
But, he did have to eventually come out of that comfy home. And he came early.   He was four weeks early.  I figured he came four weeks early because God knew that just throwing me into motherhood was better than me torturing myself with fears of not being good enough for another four weeks.  I learned a lot with Logan while he was a baby.  So, I was a little more comfortable in the baby department by the time Jaycee got here.  But, I didn't have any idea how I was going to deal with a baby and a toddler. 
Before we had Jaycee, I wanted to make sure I was prepared.  We bought a double stroller that would fit the car seat that we had with our first single stroller system.  I found all of my baby carriers and slings again.  I was ready!  Too bad we didn't know about the BabyJogger City Select stroller back then.  It can be converted from a one seat stroller into a two seat stroller.  We wouldn't have had to buy a new one at all.  As it was, we had four or  five different strollers all together.  I had my big single stroller system with Logan.  And I had a smaller umbrella stroller that was awesome!!  It was big enough for him and it had a drink holder and a huge basket underneath.  And then we had the double stroller.  And then I got a jogging stroller.
 We used to go everywhere with our double stroller.  Sometimes Logan would be in back and sometimes Jaycee would be in back.  But, there were wonderfully glorious times when they would fall asleep no matter which seat they were in.  Love my kids.  But, I also love when they fall asleep! 
 I was so sad when we sold our strollers. I still wish we had one now. I miss them even to just carry around our purses and lunch bags when we go somewhere. Now, I carry everything and all of those bags kill my back. It's so much better pushing that stuff in a stroller!
Now that my kids are big enough to walk, they complain the whole time about how tired they are and how they can't. walk. another. single. step.
Yep.  Miss my strollers.  I bet my kids would still fall asleep if I could get them to sit in one. *wink,wink*
If you have bigger kids, do you miss your strollers, too?
And for those of you still in "stroller stage", enjoy it!

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