I love Friday night Movie Nights!

Friday nights are usually movie nights in our house.  For me, it's a chance to sit down and snuggle with my kids.  For them, well, they just like watching movies. 
Sometimes we rent a movie from Redbox.  But, I am so bad about returning them on time.  Truthfully, that's why we got Netflix.  I figured the price for one month of Netflix was the same cost as one movie from Redbox by the time I got around to finally returning it!   We do still like to get Redbox movies every now and then though, because that makes the night even more special.  We like that we can get newer movies at the Redbox. 
The last movie we got from Redbox was Ice Age: Continental Drift and we LOVED it!  We actually watched it twice before we took it back. 
I also love getting the munchies ready for a movie night.  Sometimes we buy the theater box candy from the drugstore to make it seem more like "the movies".  And we always make popcorn.  Right now I use one of my big pans to make popcorn. 
If we are having a really special movie night, I make kettle corn by adding sugar to the popcorn while it's popping.  The kids love it that way!  It makes the pan a little harder to clean, but it's worth it.
I usually can't wait until we're done eating the popcorn, though.  We don't eat food on our couch, so we have to sit on the floor until we're done with the popcorn.  Then, the good part happens--I get to snuggle up with both of my kids under a blanket.  It's one of the only times I get to sit still and just snuggle with them.
I love movie nights! 
I think I'll go to Redbox now and grab some movies.  I'll let you guys know what we end up watching!  

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