I Loved Being Pregnant, and Then I Didn't Love Being Pregnant

Most people will tell you that each pregnancy is different.  Although there are some pregnancy symptoms that are somewhat universal, each woman experiences them differently. 
I was pregnant one time before I had Logan.  At least we thought I was pregnant.  The pregnancy test said I was.  Here's the thing--we weren't trying yet.  And I wasn't ready.  We were going to start trying several months later.  So, I did want to get pregnant--just not yet.  I wanted a couple more months.  So, when my period was 2 days late, and then 5 days late, and then a week late. . . . we were starting to wonder.  My hubby said to me, "You might be pregnant.".  And I told him that I was NOT pregnant because I felt like I was going to start my period.  A friend told us that was how you feel--like you're going to start your period.  So, we took the test.  And it came back positive.
I was not ready to be pregnant.  I freaked out a little.  Everyone told me that it was a good thing.
  And as I said, we were going to start trying in a couple months anyway.  I cried.  And I got over the fear and I became excited.  The baby would be due in December, so I figured it would be a boy because my dad, my hubby and my brother all have their birthdays in December.  So, I would have to have a little boy in December to go with all of my other December men. 
We set up an appointment with the obstetrician.  The day that I was supposed to go to my doctor's appointment I started bleeding.  My boobs didn't hurt anymore.  I was so confused.  The doctor said that there probably was a fertilized egg, but that it might be gone now.  She set up a transvaginal ultrasound and the tech saw nothing. 
I had finally settled myself and accepted the fact that we were having a baby a few months before we thought we were and then the baby was gone just as easily as it had come.  I crawled into my bed and didn't get out for three days, except when my hubby forced me out.  I was so sad.  But the worst part was that we had told everyone, so everyone was apologizing and telling me how sorry they were. 
I didn't mind.  But, I didn't want or need anyone's pity.
If I'm remembering my time correctly this happened in April of 2003.  We started trying to get pregnant again about three months later.  After a couple months, I finally figured out that I ovulate on the 10th day into my cycle and we got pregnant in August. 
We didn't tell anyone about that pregnancy until we were out of the first trimester.  I was nervous the whole time, though.  I was nervous because I never got morning sickness.  I had read that morning sickness was a good sign and that the sicker you feel the stronger the hormones.  I did have aversions to certain smells though.  I couldn't stand the smell of barbecue sauce. 
Once I got over the fear and nervousness of losing the baby, I had a wonderful pregnancy.  I LOVED being pregnant with Logan.  The first time I could feel him, it was magic. 
With Jaycee, I don't remember having very many pregnancy symptoms.  I missed my period.  That was my symptom.   There was a whole "oops" mishap in the bedroom that was a total miscommunication about how and when we were planning on getting pregnant.  Two weeks later I was taking a pregnancy test, looking at my hubby, going "Uh-huh!  Pregnant." to which he said, "What?  I thought we were trying!"    No, honey.  No, we weren't.  I wanted to be able to have fun during the summer before we got pregnant.  But, life happens.  Babies happen.  And we love our Jaycee more than words can say. 
With Jaycee, I didn't like the pregnancy at all.  I was already dealing with a toddler.  And Jaycee was ten pounds at birth.  So, she was heavy and low for a long time during my pregnancy.  I couldn't stand or walk easily.  I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions for months.  But, the recovery with Jaycee was much easier than when I had Logan.  So, I guess that was a good trade-off. 
How did you like your pregnancies?  How were they alike?  How were they different?

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