If Money was No Object, I'd have Several College Degrees

If college wasn't so expensive, I'd have at least five degrees!  Well, and I guess if there were 48 hours in a day and I only needed to sleep five of those hours, that would help too.  I loved going to school.  I love learning new things.  And quite frankly, I'm a bit flaky.  I just have too many interests and it was so hard to pin down a direction to go.  I always knew that I was going to have a degree no matter what it took, so I finally had to just choose a major.
A lot of my friends from high school ended up going for art or design degrees when they were in college.  We all wanted to follow our creative dreams.  I don't remember how old I was when I first became interested in fashion.  I know that in junior high I had a teacher whose daughter went to a design school in New York.  I thought that sounded so  cool.  My teacher would tell us about some of the things her daughter had to do for her design classes.  That had an influence on me.  Also, does anyone remember the show "Double Trouble" from the 80s?  It was a show about twins--one of them wanted to be an actress and one of them wanted to be a designer.  I think that might have had an influence on me as well.  I can remember sitting in my room when I was in high school drawing clothes and models.  But at that point, I didn't really consider it a real career choice.
When I went to college, I changed majors so many times.
  There was a certain point when I had to make a decision.  I had gone as far as I could with my liberal arts classes and I needed to focus on a major.  Before that point, I had declared myself as an early childhood education major.  Then, I was going to change my major to computer science (yeah, right!).  I thought about going into accounting, but a lot of people told me they thought that would be too boring for me.  I've already told you guys that sometimes I wish I would have done accounting because it's so much more practical!  I actually found some old papers that must have been from the SAT or ACT that had my preferred major down as communications--there was a point when I wanted to do advertising.  But, I also wanted to do hotel management.  Alas, fashion was the obsession that won out. 
The funny thing was that a couple of my friends ended up going to Savannah College of Art and Design.  They wanted to pursue a creative degree as well.  One of them has since gone back to school to become a nurse.  The last I heard, the other was a manager in a retail store.  That's the thing with some of the artistic, creative degrees--it can be harder to find a job in your line of work.
One of my friends went in a different creative direction and chose interior design.  I would also have loved to seek a degree in interior design.  It used to be part of my college at Florida State, so I probably could have taken some of the classes.  We were actually considered "home ec" majors, although the fancy name is "Human Sciences".  Now, the interior design degree is in the college of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance. 
My friend who did interior design received her degree in California somewhere.  I'm not sure where.   Oh, how I would have loved to visit her when she was in college.  I've been to California twice and they have such a unique sense of style.  I have been obsessed with California since I was a teeny, little girl.  Visiting California those two times did nothing to end my obsession.  It only made California more alluring to me. 
I was so envious of my friend.  She was living my dream!  She was living in a stylish, cool, beautiful, laid back place, earning a creative degree.  I think that although course curriculum would be similar all over the nation, you get different design inspiration in different areas of the country.  And it seems like it would be so cool to earn a design degree in California.  Plus, interior design seems so much more specific and useful than fashion design.  I loved working in the paint and design center that I worked at before I had my kids.  It was so much fun helping everyone choose the colors and patterns for their homes.  It was especially fun designing kids' rooms. 
My friend who went to school in California said getting a California interior design degree allows you to learn interior design and work toward being licensed or certified.  I know that the woman who used to own the store that I worked at here in Ohio, belonged to the American Society of Interior Designers.  It's a professional organization that has certain standards that need to be met before she could be a member.  She used to call the "decorators" who didn't have degrees that would come in, "dolly decorators."  They were decorating for people, but they weren't designers.  There IS a difference. 
I love to decorate.  My husband loves to design and knows the structure issues of houses.  Together, he and I might be able to have enough qualifications to pass the licensing test!  We can combine knowledge, right?   Then, maybe one day we actually will live somewhere warm and laid back and we can design together.  . . . just for fun. Retirement plans maybe?  And I know a lot of colleges let seniors go to school for free!  I'll take more classes then.

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