Is it Time for Cocktails on the Patio Yet? C'mon Winter. End already!

This cold and snow is beginning to wear on me.  Although, I didn't just shoot six holes in my freezer, I wanna go where it's warm!!!  When I first moved up, every February I would begin protesting Winter by wearing summer clothes around the house, drinking Margaritas and cranking up Jimmy Buffet.  The Winter is fun for a while, but by February I'm done!
I walk out our front door every day to get the kids on the bus and I look longingly at my front porch and it's bar-height table and chairs.  I remember all of the fun we had last summer with friends, drinking cocktails on our porch.  I love warm, lazy nights with friends when tank tops and flip flops are the norm.
We love the fact that the kids can play and run outside until it gets dark out.  Then, the kids are a teeny bit worn out and can play inside while the adults stay outside.  We have several candles for outdoor and patio use that we light to set the mood--nobody likes to turn the lights on because they're too bright and attract bugs. 
Hopefully this year, we'll also have our back deck installed.  Then, we'll have our choice of places to relax.  The front porch is always fun.  But, it would be nice to be in back because the kids could stay out after dark and we'd be able to keep our eye on them.   I'd really like a nice patio, too.  I don't think it's too much to have a huge front porch, a sunroom, a deck AND a patio. 
I would love to eventually have a patio with a fireplace.  How cool would that be?   It would be fun for romantic evenings with my hubby or hanging out, lounging with friends.  Can't you just see snuggling up with a fire, candles on the table, glass of wine in hand?

 But for now, I'll watch as the snow slowly drifts down from the sky.  It looks like someone stuck my house inside a snowglobe.  It is beautiful, but I'm ready to be warm!  If I try to wear my tank tops and flip-flops in this, I'll get frostbite. 
But, nothing is stopping me from drinking Margaritas and listening to Jimmy.

Are you ready for warm, outdoor entertaining?

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