It's been cra--a-a-a-a-zy! A rambling post about life

Life has been crazy, lately.   But, most of it has been crazy good.  I want to apologize for being gone for a couple days! 
You know how people say, "Well, there's good news and bad news."  I'll start with the "bad news" first.  For the last several weeks, we kept hearing what sounded like water running.  We went around everywhere to figure out what could be running.  We turned the water off at the main, to see if anything was still running.  Nothing.  So, my hubby figured it had to be a leak in a pipe that was coming up from the street.  It was a leak.  Luckily and unluckily it was in the pipe that went under the house by the garage.   It was lucky because it was close and easy to find.  It was unlucky because it was washing away the dirt and stone that is part of the foundation under the house.    So, that's one more thing my hubby will have to fix.   You know. . . . because he doesn't have enough to do already.
Also last week, Logan started to go in to do math with his teacher in the morning one day a week.  When we first brought up tutoring a month ago, he didn't want to have anything to do with "extra" work.  But, before he went last week, he was really excited.   I guess it went well because he said it was good and relaxing and I think he said something about the fact that there was nobody there so he couldn't get in trouble.  I think he meant that there were no distractions.  He has a bit of an attention issue when other people are around. 
Speaking of attention problems, my hubby and I are still having disagreements about whether or not our big boy might have actual attention issues.  My hubby calls me a hypochondriac and seems unwilling to deal with anything.  So, it has been a major issue here, to the point of some not really nice things being said the other night.  I just totally lost my cool.  Completely.  In front of our friends, even.  You know they're good friends when you can completely lose it in front of them.  A couple of our friends were over because we watched their kids for about an hour and then they wanted to see the progress in our kitchen. 
So, after my little tirade, my girlfriend pulled me into the kitchen and we started drinking wine.  I'm not perfect, people!  I have vices.  And for some reason, I just really needed to drink wine with a friend that night.  And I did!  And then our friends went home and we got the kids in bed because it was a school night.  Yes, it was a school night.  I told you. . . . I'm not perfect.   I still got the kids up and ready for school and went to the gym the next morning. 
The next day, I finally got my books about ADHD, which is funny since we had been arguing about it the night before.  I started reading the books, which I found very interesting.  But, by 6:00 I was done.  It is not good to try to read in bed.  I ended up going to sleep and slept until 10:00.  My hubby had taken the kids out to eat and get ice cream and didn't get back until then. 
Saturday morning, I woke up and began a big cleaning fest.  I was going to be having friends over for our "Madly in Love with Me" party.  Saturday morning was the day that my hubby actually fixed the broken pipe.  So, I had to get all of my "water" cleaning done before he turned the water off.  The kids worked on cleaning their rooms as well.  We have been using a chore chart but had become three days behind.  So, I told them if they got their rooms cleaned we would count it as three days worth of work.   They both did an excellent job.  We still need to get into their rooms and do some work on some small spots.  I'd like to get into their rooms and maybe work on a spot a day for fifteen minutes to de-clutter and possibly get rid of some stuff.
On Friday (I know I'm going back and forth, back and forth--but there was a lot going on!), my hubby got the kitchen floor put down.  He was very happy with the easy installation. 
Other kitchen updates:
  • We got our oven and microwave on Thursday.  But, the guys left the wrong microwave and had to come back and exchange it for the right one!
  • The sink arrived Saturday morning and my hubby started installing it yesterday.
  • He installed the oven and microwave yesterday and both are functional now.
  • We moved the big table into the kitchen.  When we moved in we didn't have room for the big table AND we didn't have a TV stand, so the big table became the TV stand.  Needless to say, the TV is on the floor now.  But, we had a great time at our big table in our new kitchen at our "Madly in Love with Me" party Saturday night.
Yesterday, I worked on cleaning out the office that I had on my "Organizational Jobs I'd like to get done this year." I actually made a lot of progress. 
Remember my before picture?
This is the progress I've made.
 I've been slowly trying to get through my "40 bags in 40 days."  I'm about 7 bags behind right now.  But, I've done a great job rearranging clutter instead of getting rid of it. 
So, that's what has been up with me.
What's been up with you?

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