One of My Vacation Loves -- Finding Unique Arts and Crafts

There's nothing I like more while I'm on vacation than wandering the area looking for unique artsy-craftsy type things to see.  While we were in Punxsutawney, we saw a stained glass place that was doing demonstrations.  It was so cool seeing how the owner cut the glass and then covered it with the copper tape on the edges and then eventually pinned the pieces to the mold and soldered it.  We stayed for a little while and listened to her.  The picture below is one of the molds with the pieces pinned to it.
My friends and I always end up in some kind of little antique stores or flea markets.  To me, it goes hand and hand with the whole vacation experience.  Whether it's finding an affordable art fair los angeles - style, or a festival that's unique to an area, such as the washboard festival we ended up at in Logan, Ohio, it always ends up being a good time.  I always end up with some kind of jewelry.  Remember this stone necklace I bought at that washboard festival?  I love stuff like this.
I love unique handcrafted jewelry.  And we seem to have good timing when it comes to fairs and craft shows that carry unique handcrafted items when we go on vacation.   It seems like each city we visit always has some kind of festival, craft show or something going on when we visit.  When my hubby and I met my sister and her hubby in South Carolina one time, there was a hot air balloon festival.  When my hubby, my kids and I went out to Deadwood, they were having Wild Bill Hickock days.  When my friend and I went to Hocking Hills, Logan (the city, not my son!) was having the Washboard Festival that I was talking about. 
My friends and I are trying to decide pretty soon what we want to do for our girls' weekend in April.  I would like to be able to go somewhere and find some really cool arts and crafts stuff.  I just brought up today that maybe we should go to Amish Country.  But, that would be for handcrafted cheese, summer sausage and wine!  They do make really cool handcrafted wood stuff, though.
Do you love finding unique arts and crafts while on vacation?
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