Reminiscing about Logan's First Year

I told you I was reminiscing this week.  Now, I'm thinking about Logan's first birthday party and Logan's first year.  I almost didn't have a party for him!  But, my stepmom said that we should have one even if it was just family.  This picture was taken on his first birthday.
I can't believe how big my little buddy is now.  I used to call him "the love of my life".  Everyone said, "How does your hubby feel about that?"  I think he was okay with it. 
Things were not always easy that first year of Logan's life.  He was four weeks early, which made him tired and he would always fall asleep while he was nursing.  I had to supplement with formula, which I hated.  It was an added step that I really didn't like.  It was emotionally and physically draining to have to realize that my body didn't make enough of what it was supposed to be making for my baby.  But, I had lots of cheerleaders who kept me going on the breastfeeding journey.

When I stopped nursing Logan at nine months, he would still wake up in the middle of the night.  I figured since we weren't breastfeeding anymore, he was just waking up out of habit.  So, we had to let him cry it out one night to get him to stop waking up.  It only took a couple hours one night and twenty minutes the next night and he has been sleeping through the night ever since. 
Logan had almost all of his teeth by the time he was one.  But, he didn't have any hair.  The poor thing was just like mommy when she was a baby--bald until he was two.  But, I loved that little bald head.  I thought I was going to be sad when his bald head was gone.  And I'm sure I was. 
During his first year, Logan went to Florida twice.  He even survived a Hurricane.  The year Logan was born was the year that central Florida got hit by three hurricanes.  I believe we were there for "Jean".  We were supposed to have gone in September, but our flight was cancelled because of one of the first hurricanes.  We rescheduled and got hit by a hurricane while we were there. 
Also during Logan's first year, we met a lot of great friends who we are still friends with today.  We used to go to playgroups starting when he was just three months old.  Yes, at that point the playgroups were for mommy!  But, once the kids were old enough to play together, they did.  And every now and then we still get together with them.
By one, he still wasn't walking.  Neither of my kids walked until they were fourteen months old.  He might have been saying a couple words.  I really wish I could remember more!  Too bad I didn't have my blog back then so that I could have kept better track of that stuff.  I started a journal for him when he was a baby, but that only lasted a couple months. 
I thought that I would remember everything, but I don't!  I always wish that I could get one moment to go back in time to hug him as a baby once more.  But, we all know we can't do that. 
Logan was born in the end of April.  It snowed the day after he was born.  And it snowed a foot the day before he turned one!  My stepmom and niece flew up for his birthday and they were able to make a snowman. 
Then we had his 1st birthday party.  I don't remember if we even had a theme.  I remember some of his birthdays after that one.  I remember Jaycee's themes until we stopped having them.  I wish I would have planned Logan's birthday party better so that I had a better story to tell!  There are so many  cute birthday party accessories for first birthdays.  I'm sure we had some kind of "First Birthday" banner.  And I'm sure we had "first birthday" napkins and plates. 
At his party, my mother-in-law got him the rocking chair in the picture above.  He still has it. 
What I do remember is that we got him a smash cake and it was the first time he ever had any kind of dessert in his life.  And his sweet tooth hasn't stopped asking for sweet stuff since! 
How well do you remember your first baby's first year?
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