Remodel/Addition Update | Cabinets Up! Counters being Installed!

The addition has been going somewhat slowly for the past couple weeks since my hubby had been working out of town.  This is our recent progress.
All of the cabinets are up with the exception of a door or drawer here or there.  And my hubby has started making the counters.  The adhesive that he's using is stinky stro-o-o-o-o-o-ng.  Wow!  You could get a major headache working around that stuff.  Funny story, too~~we ended up with the same exact counter that we had in the old house.  After all the talk of granite, concrete or whatever, we ended up with the same laminate that we had in the other house.  So, the only real difference between this kitchen and our last kitchen is going to be the floor. 

We also ordered our oven and microwave this weekend.  So, we'll have those this week!  We're kind of bummed that they didn't have the slate colored appliances a couple years ago when we ordered our fridge.  Or, we would have bought all of our appliances in slate.
This is the color we WISH we had!  We have all white appliances.  We didn't want stainless because of the price and fingerprints.  We didn't do black because we always had white.  I told the guy in the store, I wish there were dark gray appliances and he showed us one!  Ahhhhhh!  Oh well. 

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