Ruffled Purse Made from 10"x10" Calico Squares | Crafting with Wholeport

Wholeport has been kind enough to send me more crafting goodies!

Look what we made this time!

Each month they send me something new to try out.  Remember when we were playing with the polymer clay?
This month, they sent me 10 pieces of 10"x10" Calico fabric and a soap mold.  We used the fabric to make a little ruffled purse for Jaycee.  We don't have soap-making stuff right now, so we used the soap mold with playdough.  Here are the fabric squares they sent.
We used 4 pieces to make the purse body and the lining.  We used 2 squares to make the ruffles.  We used 1 square to make the strap and we used a little scrap to make the flower. 

We used 7 squares total and a piece of scrap from one square.
The fun part about this project is that it was a chance for Jaycee to sew on the big sewing machine.  She has a little play sewing machine, but it doesn't really sew.  It just makes a loose chain stitch.  It's actually kind of frustrating.  So, now she can start learning how to use a real machine.
We started by dividing 2 of the squares into thirds to make the ruffles.
We sewed the three pieces end to end with right sides together to make one long strip.
Then we used a basting stitch to make the gathers.  This is the part when Jaycee used the machine.  She sat in my lap and I worked the footpedal.  It was her job to try to keep the fabric feeding through on our 1/2" marker.
I used different colored threads for the top and bobbin thread.  So, it actually made it easy to teach her how to pull the thread to make the gathers.  We chose one color thread to pull on each side.
Once the ruffles were made, we pinned them to the square that would become the front of our purse and sewed them on.  I just sewed them down directly.  It wasn't until after I sewed it that I realized I should have sewed it upside down and ironed it down!  Live and learn.  I wasn't working off a pattern, so I was making it up as I went along.
This is Jaycee pinning the ruffle on.  She pinned a couple.  I did the rest.  She was having a hard time getting the pins all the way through and was afraid she was going to stick herself. 
After the ruffle was sewn on, I trimmed it to 1/4".  This process is easiest if you fold the fabric down from the stitch line on the ruffle so that just the top of the ruffle is sticking up.  That will ensure that you don't cut any fabric you're not trying to cut.
We found a piece of pink ribbon to sew on top of the ruffle to cover where we stitched it on.
After we stitched our ribbon on, we trimmed the edges.
Then we sewed the sides and bottom of our front and back together, right sides together.
Then, sew the sides and bottom of the lining together right sides together, making sure to leave a four inch opening on one side so that you can pull the bag through later when you sew the purse to the lining.
Next, we made our straps.  We divided one square in long quarters so that we had 4 long rectangles.
Sew two of the long rectangles end to end, right sides together.  Then sew the other two the same way.
(Cut in half, then in half again, length-wise)
Once you have two long rectangles, fold the rectangles in half the long way and stitch 1/4" from the edge to create a tube.   Iron the tube down with the seam in the middle.
Then, turn it rightside out.  I used a large safety pin to pull it through.
Iron the straps to make sure they're flat.
I made the flower by folding a narrow strip of fabric together and sewing the edge to make it gathered a little.
  Then I just wrapped it in a circle and sewed it on by hand and sewed a button in the middle.  I sewed it to the front before I attached the lining.
Once you have the straps made and the flower on, you can put all of the pieces together to create the purse.  This is the tricky part. 
Turn the lining right side in and pull it over the bag, which should be right-side out.  Both right sides should be facing each other.  Pin the straps in place between the lining and the bag on either side.  Make sure that the seams on the straps will be facing in. In the picture, the peach fabric is my lining and the white/pink is the outside of the bag.  The aqua is the strap.
Pin around the top and sew along the edge where the top will be.
Once the top is sewn, turn everything right side out through the hole you left in the lining.
Sew the hole up.  Once you have it pulled through it will look like this:
Push the lining down inside the purse.
Once the lining is on the inside, iron it and you're done!
I think it turned out pretty cute!
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