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My friends and I will be taking part in a Self-Love movement soon. It will be a journey to quiet our "Inner Mean" girl and to learn to accept ourselves and love ourselves for who we are.   I'll be letting you guys know more about that in a post soon. 
While my friends and I were in the car on our little road trip the other day we began our process.  But, we also came up with my friends' word of the year.  I chose mine (Courage) a couple weeks ago.  One of my friends came up with 'Vision' and my other friend came up with 'Ambition'.  We plan on printing our words on hot pink Tshirts when we run the Warrior Dash
While we were in Punxy, they had a craft show in the community center.  One woman had a lot of Fair Trade or American Made items.  Her table first caught my eye because she had some necklaces made with paper beads from Africa.  I have done a post before on a cause that supports African women that make paper beads.  So, I wanted to see one of the necklaces up close.  While we were at her stall we also saw these bracelets and necklace.  One was very close to my word of the year and the two others were very much inline with the words that my friends chose. 
Mine says, "Fortune Smiles Upon She Who Dares"  I thought it fit my whole 'Courage' thing very well.  The other bracelet says something about 'being who you choose to Become', which goes along with my friends' 'Vision' for herself.  And of course my other friend will have to 'Remember who she wants to be' to have 'Ambition' to make changes in her life.
They are all perfect, right? 
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Happy Wednesday!

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