Everything is Moving Quickly Now in Our Home Remodel

Things are moving very quickly in our home remodel/addition now.  What began over a year and a half ago when we tore the back porch down, is now going full speed ahead.  The beginning was soooooo sloooooow.  Now, we might be done and ready to refinance within a month. 
I have some pictures from the last week.  Remember when I said we were going to clean the coils on the refrigerator?   Logan helped us! 

The kids actually did a great job pitching in and helping move stuff from the old kitchen into the new kitchen.  I think they were very excited to be helping.  Jaycee helped us move the "junk" drawers in and helped clean out some of the cabinets. 
I'm just excited that I finally have an oven with a light inside so that I can see what's cooking!
My hubby started taking the walls down in the old side of the house.  You can really see how small our house was with all of the walls down.  And it's amazing how "old house smell" is just oozing out of the house now. 
And we had a not so wonderful surprise of not one, not two, but three floors in our previous kitchen.
My hubby took the linoleum up and then just went over the old floor with plywood.  The second and third layer were too hard to get up.
Tomorrow, my hubby will be hanging drywall, patching holes and possibly mudding.  I have the task of getting paint.  Then, we'll have to choose carpet.  That's one task I'm not necessarily looking forward to.  We have always liked light colored berber carpet.  But, with the kids I'm scared of going too light.  So, we'll have to see what they have and what we think we can live with.
I can't believe this process is almost over.  We're so excited.  We finally have our entertaining house again. 
Here's a picture of the kitchen in mid-flux right now!  I wish I would have taken a picture two days ago when I actually had it clean for a minute.  But, THIS is REAL Life!  Note the towels on the chairs.  We don't want the kids to ruin these chairs the way they ruined the other ones.  And yes, there's an empty beer bottle on the counter.  Like I said. . . . REAL Life!   I'll get more pictures up when it's pretty.  I promise.
 My favorite part of our whole kitchen?  That huge window over the sink.  You can see straight through the sunroom into the back yard.  Perfect.  We still need to figure out what kind of light fixture we're going to get over the island.  We were discussing possibly having the TV over the island and having it be able to swivel.  We'll see. 
Have you ever been through a home addition or remodel?

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