How You Can Help Fight Childhood Hunger in America

With our concerns about our kids' attention spans at school lately, I've been reading some books about ADHD.  We haven't been diagnosed and we're not sure we will even entertain the idea.  But, I was interested to see if the books had any tricks for learning focus or non-medication tips for life with ADHD in general.  One of the main things that the books stressed was that people need to eat food with protein, especially in the morning.  That rule can apply to anyone, not just people with learning differences.  Everyone needs a good breakfast to start their day.
It is hard to focus on anything when you're hungry.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of kids who go to school hungry in the morning.  That usually leaves them hungry for two to three hours until lunch time.  That's two to three hours when they can't learn properly because they aren't able to focus. 
Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry Initiative is trying to help build an America where there are no hungry kids.  Right now, one in five American kids struggles with hunger.  Let's begin solving that problem with the first and most important meal of the day--breakfast.  You can watch this video for information.
Other things you can  do:
Help End Childhood Hunger in your community by
*finding out which schools in your area serve breakfast and adding it the map
*Give a gift to expand the reach of No Kid Hungry
*Lead a "Cooking Matters" demonstration
*Volunteer at a local culinary event
*Volunteer to help local families learn about healthy cooking
Check out all of the community opportunities at
One of the main goals of No Kid Hungry's breakfast initiative is to get breakfast to the kids who are eligible for it.  There are close to 19 million kids who are able to have free or reduced lunch, but of those 19 million, only about half take part in the breakfast program.  You can help close the gap by doing any of things listed at the "strategies" page.  The strategies include things like making sure that parents know about the program and helping them complete the required applications.
Have Kids?  They can help too!!
Have your kids check out Kids Kick Hunger.
The Kids Kick Hunger has a blog, too!  You can check it out at:
No Kid Hungry Voices
Other ways you can help:
Make a monthly donation-- I find that having automated donations scheduled is an easy way to make donations without having to remember to do it.  It just comes out of my account on a monthly basis and they send me my required tax receipt at the end of the year.  You can donate any amount and each $ translates to about 10 meals each.  So, even if you can only donate $5 a month, you're helping provide 50 meals!
Host a Great American Bake Sale!
Will you help us end childhood hunger in America?
Make the Pledge with over 314,000 others now!
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