Our at home Spa Day last Week and Plans For a Real Spa Day

Last week, Jaycee and I took a morning to have a "spa day" in our house.  My feet had been feeling very neglected.  She and I just needed a morning together to do something fun.  We warmed up coconut oil and did a hot oil treatment in our hair.  We thought we had some avocado to do an avocado mask on our face, but we didn't.  So, we were able to find a clay mask that we used.  We made a coconut oil and brown sugar scrub for our feet. 
Once we had everything gathered, we began.  We got into our warm and fuzzy robes, because obviously we didn't want to have to pull a shirt over our coconut oiled heads!  We did our hair first and put on our shower caps.  We put our face masks on.  Then we got our foot tubs ready.  We had a foot soak that we used.  While we soaked our feet, we read some prayers for people in our life.  Then once we had soaked long enough, we scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed our feet with our coconut oil brown sugar scrub. 
Then we had to wash everything off in the shower.  Apparently, we should have washed our hair twice to get the oil out of our hair!
As much fun as we had, I would still really like to go to a day spa so that I can be totally pampered without having to do any of the work.  I could use a relaxing, spiritual boost sometime soon.  There have been a lot of things going on lately that have been emotionally draining for me.  Between those things and the busy-ness of every day life and everything in my house being in chaos from this home remodel, I am just worn out--emotionally, spiritually and physically.
My girlfriends and I are trying to take girls' weekends every other month this year.  In February, we went to Punxsutawney for Groundhog's Day.  We still haven't planned anything for April, but it's not looking good with my hubby's schedule.  In June, we are doing the Warrior Dash and then camping out.  In August, we might do the "Longest Garage Sale".  I could really use a girls' weekend to a spa, though.  Since we might get cheated out of our April girls' weekend, maybe we could do a spa day in May.  We'll have to put our heads together to figure out how to make money to pay for it. 
Since my hubby might be going to Panama City in the next couple weeks, to Bridge Day in October and to Moab in November sometime, I'm sure we can come up for the money for one little spa day for me! 
When, if ever, was the last time you let yourself be pampered?

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