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Schedules are so not my thing.  If it's work, it's one thing.  But, when it came to making it to classes in college, I kind of sucked.   I used to get up, take a shower, put my makeup on and be ready to go. . . . . . . .and then decide as  I was walking to the door, that I didn't feel like going.  So, I turned around and went back to bed.  
I passed most of my classes with flying colors.  But, I was always scared that the professors would change the date of an important test and I wouldn't be there to take it.  It never happened.  Thank goodness.  I still have dreams that I miss tests. 
I always thought I would be a great correspondent student.  I could study and learn when I wanted to and not have to worry about being on a set schedule. 
As I said, working was another thing completely.  I always made it to work on time--I was management, afterall.  And that might be part of the reason I missed so many classes.  For the last "2 years" of my degree--which took me 6 years--I worked full time.  So, when something had to give--it was the class time.   So, I was absent a lot.  Absenteeism was my college schedule thing.
Thanks to Arlee Bird, for starting the very first A to Z challenge!  For the month of April, write every day except Sundays with the letters of the alphabet.  Today, April 1st is day one and we begin with "A"!
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