Busy, busy, busy. . Painting, Birthdays and Carpet Choices. . Oh my!

I know it's been a while since I've posted!  We have been busy, busy, busy around here.  My hubby wanted me to paint the laundry room last week.  And I RE-painted the living room last week.  The dark blue that we love was just not working in our living room.  We have that big overhang on our front porch and it doesn't let in as much light as we thought.  So, we went with a light beigey-gray.
We have seen about three different carpet guys to try to figure out our carpet purchase for the living room and hallway.  We were going to get a berber, but we ended up going with a frieze carpet (think shag).  And we went with a dark charcoal color.  So, the colors in the living room will be the opposite of the kitchen.  The kitchen is a light beige/gray floor with dark gray walls and the living room will be light beige/gray walls with dark gray floors. 
This past weekend was Logan's 9th birthday.  We started the celebrations by going out to dinner with my hubby's parents on Friday evening.  Then we came back and Logan opened up his presents from grandma and papa.  Then, he had to search for his other five gifts.  He wanted us to hide his presents so that he could look for them.  So, Jaycee and I came up with clues and Logan searched for his gifts!
Logan also asked for a cookie cake this year.  So, I bought break and bake cookies and cooked one myself on my Pampered Chef Pizza stone.
Saturday night we had some of our friends over and four of our little friends spent the night with us.  It was amazing having everyone over.  I hope that these will be memories that my kids have forever. 
Since we needed to move the furniture in the living room anyway. . . .
it left a lot of room for sleeping bags, pillows and stuffed animals on the floor!
This week, my hubby will hopefully get a chance to put the plywood down in the living room and get the trim put down.  It should be a couple weeks before the carpet gets in, so we have a little time to get everything done.
Also recently though, my hubby has decided to take the coach course at the dropzone to become a skydiving instructor.  So, he has spent 3 of the past 4 weekends at the dropzone trying to do that. 
AND, he has a job interview this week for a teaching position at the local career center.  Please send prayers and positive vibes this way on Thursday.  If it's part of God's plan, then we look forward to a more relaxed work schedule for him.  And everyone says that they think he'd make a great teacher.  So, send all positive thoughts this way!
I hope everyone has had a good past week while I've been "gone."
What have you been up to?

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