Carlos and Charlie's in Cozumel while we were on a Cruise

The reason I live in Ohio now is because I met a boy at Carlos and Charlie's in Cozumel when we were on a Cruise.  Otherwise, I might not live in Ohio right now. 
Our relationship got a rather slow start, but it was what we both needed.  He was only nineteen when we met.  I thought of him as a kid. 
We became instant friends though.  And we stayed friends on and off until I actually fell in love with him. 
Now, we've had to deal with so many issues together--different beliefs, no hobbies in Common, different views on how to raise our Children. 
But, I know that we were supposed to meet on that fateful night.
At Carlos and Charlies.
Would I Change anything?
Probably not.
I think we were put on this Earth to learn.  And I haven't learned what I need to know yet.  And there is a reason that I'm here.  In this spot.  With these issues.
Happy A to Z everyone!
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