Rock Climbing | 50 Before Fifty--Challenge Fear of Heights!

I had in my mind that Rock Climbing would be my "fear of heights challenge" on my 50 before Fifty list.  So, I finally made it with my hubby and his friends and our kids and their kids last night.  The pics are of my daughter, my hubby and me.  I am the one in pink.  The big one is obviously my hubby and the cute little ambitious, muscular thing in black in white is Jaycee.  She's almost fearless.  It is my goal in life to become like my daughter, muscles and all!  Ha!  

I look like I'm holding onto the wall for dear life, don't I?  The first time I went up, I only made it a third of the way.  I made the mistake of looking down.

This time I was six feet from tapping the top.  I could have probably made it the rest of the way, but I thought I might actually freak out if I got all the way to the top.  "Baby Steps."  Next time, I WILL make it to the top! 
Have you ever gone rock climbing?

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