The Beginning of the Wall Art

I really call this "decoration" instead of "art."  I'm not an "artist." 
I like geometric and abstract things, so I decided to trace different shapes onto my canvas and overlap and color them the way I did when I was little.
I'm not thrilled with this so far.  I like it, but it seems kind of busy in the middle.  So, I'm going to repaint some parts of it.  I'll darken some of the colors, try to sharpen the edges and then sand the whole thing.  Then, I was thinking of doing a silver border around some of the shapes.  Then, I'll put a gloss on it.
Here's the canvas Jaycee did yesterday.
I'll probably work on it some more tomorrow.  Today, I might work in the yard since it's going to be so warm.  I have a couple bushes I need to pull out and some flower bulbs I need to plant.

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