Wordless Wednesday | Time to Paint

We reloaded our stash of canvases on Sunday! 
I figured the kids didn't need big canvases.  Michael's has 10 packs of the 8x10 value canvases for $19.99 normally and then 50% off.  So, we got the smallest ones for $1 each.  The 11x14s had 7 in a pack for the same price.  And the two larger ones are for me.  I wanted to make something for our new living room.  They are more decoration than art.  I'll post pictures whenever I do them.  I have no idea when that will be. 
We are Spring cleaning this week!
If you have a Michael's near you, I think the sale is happening until Saturday.  I was thinking I should have gotten more of the bigger ones for me.  D'oh!  I'll have to make time to go back and see what they still have.
They also had their large jar candles on sale 4/$10.  I am absoutely in LOVE with this Citrus Basil candle.  It smells so good! 
Now, I wish I had 4 more of these.  Even more reason to get back to Michael's!
What is your favorite Spring/Summer scent?

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