Maybe "Time Off" isn't All That!

 So, last week I posted about finally being able to have a "lazy day."  After I got the entire house cleaned and all of the laundry washed and folded and the kitchen completely cleaned, I posted to Facebook that "there better not be a snow day or a child waking up puking tomorrow or I might lose it."

I guess that was all I needed to do to guarantee that there WOULD in fact be a snow day. . . . . . and HEY!  a kid puking would be great, too.  And yes, both things actually happened on my "lazy day."  So I thought to myself, "Well, there's always next Monday or Tuesday."

Then, on Wednesday when I was out driving my Meals on Wheels route, I had a thought.  
Maybe "lazy days" aren't all they're cracked up to be anyway.  Maybe I actually prefer to be busy!
It struck me that maybe it isn't happening because I just wouldn't like it anyway.  

No matter how much of my work I have done, maybe I'd feel guilty about lying around catching up on my  reading.  Who knows?!?  At this rate I'll probably never get to find out.
*wink, wink*

The thing is that these kids aren't going to be around forever.  Even though I know that, I just need a "mental health" day every now and then. 

How often (if ever) do you get to take a planned break?

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