My Evening Pick-Me-Up | Peppermint Mocha Coffee

 I have a little can of a name-brand instant coffee that was Peppermint Mocha.  But, the first ingredients were sugar, hydrogenated coconut oil and who knows what else.  Even though the thought of the ingredients freaked me out, it was SO YUMMY!  

So, I was trying to get the same taste without the guilt tonight.  I brewed "two cups" of coffee.  I'd like to know what size "cups" those are supposed to fit in!  Two cups fits in one of my smallest coffee cups!  Anyway, I brewed 2 cups of coffee by using two Tablespoons of coffee and one teabag of Peppermint tea.  I cut open the peppermint tea and poured it right in on top of the coffee grounds.  While it was brewing, I put 1 Tablespoon of Organic Cocoa Powder and a teaspoon of Xylitol into my coffee cup.  

It's amazing how quickly 2 cups of coffee brew as opposed to 6 - 12 cups!  I poured my coffee/peppermint tea mixture in with my sweetener and cocoa powder.  Then, I added a splash of milk.  Voila!  Peppermint Mocha Coffee.  

Although. . . . . it still wasn't as peppermint-y as I'd like.  So, I steeped another peppermint teabag in the prepared coffee.  It's still not quite as good as that name-brand stuff, but I feel much better about it!

Of course, I probably could have just brushed my teeth, immediately put a Hershey Kiss in my mouth and taken a gulp of coffee. . . 

Have you ever brewed any kind of coffee and tea together to get a unique flavor?

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