Our Windowsill Garden -- Romaine Lettuce

 I knew that you could regrow green onions in a glass of water.  And I knew that you could restart celery in a glass of water.  So, one day I decided to see if Romaine lettuce would regrow.  Guess what?  It does!  Here is our little windowsill garden.  Whenever I use Romaine, I just cut the leaves off and leave the bottom part intact.  Then I put it in a glass or old jar with water.  I change the water every couple days.  Haven't tried to eat any of it yet.  But, since it's one of the only plants I can keep "alive" in my house, I might not eat it!!  
I love how the one above just spread out all over the place.  Most of them grow straight up.
Have you ever tried to regrow plants from existing ones?

Haha. Can I consider this my "successful" garden on my 50 before Fifty list?

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