Pictures from my 9 month Hiatus

 As I was going back through my blog posts to get ready to bring the blog back, I had fun looking at all of them and reminiscing.  It occurred to me that I was talking about a lot of things that I "hoped" would happen. . . . like hoping the flower bulbs I planted would grow.  So, I decided to post a picture from each month that I was "gone."  That would include May 2013 - January 2014.  So, here goes!

May 2013
My dad had a "surprise" retirement party that I flew home for.  Alone.  As in without the kids.  It was the first time I had flown without kids since, well. . . . the kids were born.
June 2013
In the beginning of June I colored my hair pink, climbed 15 foot walls, jumped over fire and crawled through mud for the Warrior Dash.  Fun times!
Also in June, my hubby got flung off a catapult into a lake for a TV show.
 July 2013
The kids went on their first cruise.  And it looked like this.  We were in the middle of a tropical storm.  It was pouring when we were in Freeport!  Nassau was a little better and this is what it looked like when were on the private island.
 That's okay.  I had one of these.
August 2013
Those flower bulbs I planted did bloom!  My gladiolas bloomed in almost every color possible.  And the hummingbirds LOVED them!  I can't wait to see them again this year.
Also in August we got this.
September 2013
 My friends took me to Oktoberfest for my birthday celebration.
And my hubby jumped off the KL Tower in Malaysia, but  I don't have a picture of that!

October 2013
November 2013
We got ready for the FSU/UF game.  Go 'Noles!
December 2013
The cat decided she liked the Christmas Tree.
January 2014
The Florida kids came up and all the kids went sledding.
Well, that about covers it.  Now you're all caught up!

Well, that was fun.


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