Do Grandparents (Parents) Feel Vindicated?

I'm not sure that's the right title for this blog.  I'm just not sure how else to word it right now!  

I was reading an article that someone had forwarded on Facebook this morning.  It was about how the new plastics that are supposed to be BPA-free might actually be MORE estrogenic than BPA.  Great!  So, all of this fake estrogen could cause me to not be able to have grandkids because everyone's hormones are going to be so messed up.  See how my train of thought goes?  So, it got me thinking about being a grandparent. 

I just know that I've heard myself say, "Just wait until you're a parent.  Then, you'll understand."  Sometimes that's followed by, "And I'll laugh and laugh and laugh."  

But, I don't think that you get to be the age of a grandparent and actually take pleasure in the fact that your kids are struggling with something--namely, parenthood.  Although, I'm pretty sure I have heard my mother snicker every now and then.  And I wonder if she's thinking, "Uh-huh!  That's what you get for all those times you. . . . . "    (insert whatever it is that I did as a child.)   I know I wasn't perfect.  Because I'm human.  And I was a child. 

I guess that's what childhood is for.  To learn.  How NOT to drive people crazy in every day life.  Right?
Ha!  Probably not.  But, it is to learn.  And hopefully they won't drive people crazy in every day life. . . . . . . . . . .  the way they drive me crazy now. 

I actually have awesome kids.   I am just not that tolerant.  I wonder if  I would have been different if I was a younger parent?  More patient, maybe?  I wonder if I would have had more fun with them.  

At any rate, I'll try not to laugh at my kids once they have kids.  And their kids behave the way my kids do now.  And maybe by that time I'll be "carefree" enough to enjoy my kids' kids!

Do you sometimes feel like you can't wait until your kids understand everything you go through?

P.S.----  I LOVE YOU MOM!  I know we both put you through some stuff!  I get it now.  

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