Pics from my Kitchen (In which I spend too much time)

 I always spend way too much time in my kitchen.  Cleaning, cooking, making things from scratch.  Usually I enjoy it.  But, it just seems like I'm always in here!  So, I figured I'd show you some of the weird, unfortunate, cute or funny things that have happened in my kitchen in the last few days.

I had some mushrooms that  I needed to use the other night.  I was slicing them and then I got to this guy!  It is a double-headed mushroom!  It had two stems.  I've never seen one like this before.  I've seen double-yoked eggs and peanuts with three sections instead of two, but NEVER a double-headed mushroom.
And D'oh!  My darn kitchen shears broke.  I already miss them desperately!  I need to remember to put a new pair on my shopping list.  I guess going through the dishwasher several times a week and then cutting those chicken bones last week finally did this pair in.  The screw just broke in half.
I was doing something the other day. . . . I'm sure washing dishes or cleaning the counter or something.  I completely soaked myself and I was going to get a little frustrated or mad.  Then, I realized my little water spot that was bugging me so much was in the shape of a heart!
Remember how we were re-growing romaine lettuce, green onions and celery on our windowsill in glasses of water?  The celery has roots!  I suppose I should replant it or something.  
And this is NOT  from the kitchen, but it's just way too sweet not to share.  Future Fashionista left this for Quirky Daddy on his door.
The sweetness of kids just makes me smile.  These are the types of things I should remember when they start to frustrate me.

And finally, this is why I'm SOOOOO glad we decided to switch out the kitchen window to a larger window when we were putting on our addition.  If I could actually have even larger windows, I would.  But now that the sky is blue today, I love this view. . . . . . .minus the messy sunroom.  Guess that's definitely going to have to make it's way into my "40 bags in 40 days" challenge.

What's been happening in your kitchen?

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