Just One of THOSE Days

So, I'm having one of "those" days.  One of those days when you wake up tired, again.  One of those days when life just seems overwhelming, when you know it really isn't.  But, you just aren't feeling it.
My kids have been back to school for about four weeks now.  And we are having issues with all of the school work and homework that it takes to get everything done.  Well, maybe "we're" not having issues.  Maybe I'M having issues.  But, truthfully I can't be the only one.  My hubby asks all the time, "Do you remember having this much work in the 4th grade?"  My answer is "No".  I do not remember having this much work in the 4th grade.

But, I also loved school.  So maybe I liked doing the work.  My son on the other hand is not in love with school.  He would rather play with LEGOs.

What we've discovered so far this year is that whenever his pencil hits a paper he's graded on it.  He's graded on everything.  Everything.  Apparently, 4th grade is the year when they need to become EXTREMELY detail oriented.  I get it.  Details matter.  A lot.  But, there are SO MANY details.   And he just doesn't seem to be that detail oriented yet. 

So, momma gets stressed out because I want him to care about every little detail.  But, I think it's all overwhelming for him.  And of course I become overwhelmed because I want him to do well. 

I want so badly to be one of those mothers who says, "No matter what grades you bring home,  I will love you.  My love is unconditional."  And really, of course I love him no matter what.  My love IS unconditional.  But, at which point do you just give up wanting perfection?  When is a B/C average good enough?  I don't want to make the kid come home from a 7 1/2 hour school day to work at home on schoolwork for 2 hours.  A kid should have some time to just be a kid.    Goodness knows there are enough tedious things that take up your whole day once you become an adult.

I guess I'm just tied up in the tediousness of everything today--  the crumbs, the dirty laundry on the floor of the bathroom, the van acting up, cleaning the kitchen again, the kids not being able to brush their teeth right, cooking dinner that everyone will eat. . . . . . . . ..  . and the list goes on.  I know it's the same list every other parent in the world has.  I think I'm just PMSing today!  

I've got to give props to all the mommas out there who work full time AND have to come home and deal with all of this.  God Bless you all!  

I know these are all small things and I shouldn't sweat the small  stuff.  So, I will go on.  And I'll quit complaining and I will try to enjoy every small moment.  I love my kids and my life and my hubby.  I WILL stop whining right now and get this house cleaned again.  Thankfully dinner is already made and I think everyone will eat it.  Even if it has to be after soccer practice and that's later than usual.  

Peace, y'all!  

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