Make Holidays Brighter with Old Factory Candles

I was recently given the opportunity to try out an Old Factory candle gift set. 
  I love candles.  Seriously.  When we were packing up my old apartment in Florida fourteen years ago my family was making fun of me because of all of my candles.  I like to have a variety.  I'm not always in the mood for the same scent at any given time.   But I love the warmness that burning a candle can bring to a home.

Old Factory candle gift sets are great because each set comes with three different scents.  

I tried out the Fall Harvest set.  It came with three two ounce candles. The scents in my set were:
Pumpkin Spice and 
Autumn Leaves

The candles came packaged in a cute little box.  

As soon as I saw the box I knew the quality was going to be good. 

 The candles are natural soy wax candles, so they burn clean.  There is none of that black ashy residue that happens with regular wax candles.  When you blow it out, it looks like this:
See?  No black, ashy ring in the wax.

The scents smell very good.  Even though the scents are made with natural ingredients you can still smell them.  I was wondering if the smell would come across the same as a regular scented candle.  I wasn't disappointed.  I could even still smell the scent ten minutes after blowing the candle out.  So, the scent lingers even after the candles are blown out.  Even though I could still smell them after being blown out, the scent is subtle, not overpowering when they're burning.  That's nice.

In fact, they smell so good that when my daughter walked into the house after I blew one of the candles out, she said, "Oooooo, what smells so good?"  I said, "Oh, you must be smelling the candle."  She then replied, "You owe me something good to eat because I thought you were making treats!"  I guess the candles are that good!

 The candles are made in the USA, which is a bonus. 

 Plus, every one of their candles is guaranteed.  They want to make sure their customers are happy.  

The only issue I might have is with the price.  The price for the set is more than I would normally pay for candles.  But, I don't usually buy clean burning candles.  I might actually be willing to pay more for candles knowing that they're better for us. Each candle is supposed to burn 20 hours, so that's a combined total of 60 hours of burn time.   Plus, they come with screw on lids that help protect them when they're not burning. Right now the gift sets are 
$25.00 at Amazon.   You can find them at the link below:

My experience shopping for the candle was very good. The candles got to my house in two business days.  Also, the company emailed me to let me know that they were on the way.  The email also contained candle burning tips to lengthen the life of the candles.  I shop a lot on Amazon and there are very few companies outside of Amazon that send me personal emails to let me know that they've shipped the product, so that was a nice touch.  I really can tell that Old Factory is a company that values their customers.

In addition to the scents that I tried, here are some others that I know I'd enjoy (you know. . . . . just in case anyone needs gift ideas for me) :

Coffee Shop--  Coffee Bean, Hazelnut, Chai Tea
Vacation-- Sea Breeze, Hawaiian Lei, Awapuhi
Happy Holidays-- Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Gingerbread

They have 12 sets altogether.

Are you a candle lover?

Disclosure:  I was given a candle gift set to try out to facilitate my review.  All opinions are 100% mine and honest.   No other compensation was received.

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