Maybe I Could Use an eReader

Is that even what you call them?  I'm so technologically challenged!  When I first started blogging I wrote a post called "I'm a bookaholic"  I was so dead-set against e-readers.  But then. . . . . . .

 da da da. . . . . .

my brother in law gave me his old Nook.  And then I found sites where I could find cheap or free ebooks for that Nook.  And I LOVED using it! 

But now, this has happened!

See those white lines in the bottom left of the Nook?  They won't go away.  It leaves me to guess at the words that are down in that corner when I'm reading and it ruins the entire flow of reading.  It's frustrating.

I'm so sad.  And now I want another one.  Sure, it stinks that I have to keep it charged.  And it will never have that "new book" smell.  But, I sure love the convenience now. 

Do you have an e-Reader?  What kind?

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