And the Stockings Were Hung on the Bed Posts with Care

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When I first moved up, I decided to sew stuff for craft shows.  I made a lot of handmade stockings, but they weren't very good sellers.  I don't know if you make crafts or not, but I love every one of my creations.  I might have actually been sad if I sold them.  . . . . . probably not, but. . . . . it's hard to let go of something you've put so much love and creativity into.  But in the end, that's the point.  Right?  At any rate, the stockings didn't sell.  So, I kept all of my favorite stockings and took the rest to Salvation Army.  Since we have so many stockings some of them made them onto the bed posts.

Maybe Santa will stuff these stockings, too?

What do you hope to get in your stocking?

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